26 Best MTN Tarriff Plans For Calls And Data In 2023 (Complete Guide With Migration Codes)

Are you looking for the best MTN data tariff plan?

Or perhaps you’re looking for the finest MTN tariff bundle for calls.

Of course, with the MTN network’s diverse choice of tariff options, selecting the one that best meets your needs might be challenging at times.

This is because all of MTN’s tariff plans are excellent and offer distinct features that virtually appear the same.

But, if you have yet to make a decision, congrats!!! You’ve arrived to the correct place, where I’ll show you the greatest MTN tariff plans for data and calls.

Absolutely, this post includes all you need to know about the best MTN tariff plan for data and calls, including call rates, data bonuses, airtime bonuses, data plan costs, estimates on how long calls last with a N100 recharge card, and much more.

That’s not all; I’ve also created a table that differentiates between the best MTN data tariff plans and the best MTN call tariff plans.

You’ll also discover the benefits for those plans, call rates, and, most importantly, the migration code for all of the plans.

Let’s get started without further ado!

Best Tariff Plans for MTN

MTN tariff plan is a series of prices charged by the MTN network on calls per second, data per MB, and SMS messages per SMS on a given package.

In other words, an MTN tariff is a plan that you are on the MTN network (either by default or through migration) that provides you access to the service at their respective prices, incentives, and special offers.

There are several decent tariff plans available on the MTN network, each with its own set of incentives for calls, SMS, data, and bonuses (both data and calls).

As a result, selecting the best one for you may be really challenging.

But don’t worry, I’ve made it easy by selecting the finest for you to choose from in the list below.

List of the Best MTN Data and Call Tariff Deals With Migration Codes

I won’t provide you a list of MTN tariff options; instead, I’ll show you the lowest MTN Tariff plan for calls in conjunction with the finest MTN Tariff plan for data.

They’re all down below!

1. MTN Pulse

Pulse is an MTN prepaid tariff plan that provides access to exceptionally low call rates, allows you to send SMS at a low cost, provides a free data bonus every month, and provides double data when you purchase a data bundle of N500 or more.

Not only that, but MTN Pulse offers you access to the MTN night plan, where you can perform night sub and night browsing for as little as N25 for 250MB and up to 2GB data capacity every night from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

How to Activate MTN Pulse On Your MTN Line

To switch to the MTN Pulse pricing plan, phone *406# or send a text message to 131.

2. MTN Pulse for Call

When it comes to MTN Pulse for calls, this plan is one of the finest, if not the best, MTN tariff plan for calls since it gives a low call rate of 11.26 kobo per second (11.26k/sec) after the first minute at 25.6 kobo per second (25.6k/sec).

11.26 kilobytes per second (11.26k/s).

The first 60 minutes of the day were at a rate of 25.6 kobo per second (25.6k/sec).

Remember that this is a flat call rate. As a result, whether you call on-net (MTN to MTN) or off-net (MTN to Glo, MTN to Airtel, and MTN to 9mobile), you’ll be charged the same amount.

How long would N100 airtime last if you just used it to make calls?

  • 25.6k in 60 seconds equals N15.36k.
  • N100 − N15.36 = N84.64k (left).
  • N6.75k = 11.26k 60 seconds.
  • N84.64/N6.75 12 minutes 32 seconds now.

As a result, with N100 airtime, you’ll get >> 12min 32sec + 60 sec = 13min 32sec.

3. Pulse for Data

MTN Pulse offers a variety of data incentives to its consumers, including free data bonuses with every recharge and low-cost data plans, which are detailed below:

  • Every recharge gives you a bonus.
  • On the purchase of a N500 weekly plan, you will receive a 100% data bonus.
  • MTN nightlife packs are available (N25 for 250MB, N50 for 500MB, and so on).
  • Access to exclusive Instagram and TikTok bundles (350MB IG & TikTok for $100 and 1GB IG & TikTok for $200).

Considering all of these extra data and data incentives, I believe MTN pulse is the greatest MTN data tariff package.

Perhaps not yet, but there are many more underneath.

4. MTN BetaTalk 

MTN BetaTalk is ranked second on our list of the top MTN tariff plans for data and calls.

This is due to the fact that it is one of the most popular tariff plans on the MTN network and provides several perks.

For ANY recharge of less than N100, you will receive a 500% bonus (300% airtime bonus and an extra 200% data bonus).

Users will also receive 20MB and above in addition to the 300% airtime incentive when they reload N100 or more.

BetaTalk is available to all prepaid MTN network subscribers. Furthermore, it features a reasonably low call rate and various unique data deals for its users, as well as a free data bonus every month.

How to Activate BetaTalk on Your MTN Line

To switch to the MTN BetaTalk tariff, dial *123*2*1# or text BT to 131.

5. BetaTalk For Calls

MTN Beta Talk has a call rate of 73 kobo per second (73k/sec) or 43.8 Naira per minute (N43.8/min).

That basically implies that you will be charged 73 kobo for every second of call you make on the MTN Beta Talk price plan within Nigeria, whether on-net or off-net.

Let’s do the math for N100 airtime. How long would N100 airtime last if you just used it to make calls?

Side By Side Calculation:

0.73k 60 seconds = N43.8k N100 + N300 (300% Bonus) = N400

As a result, with N100 airtime, you will receive >> N400/N43.8k 9 minutes 9 seconds.

6. BetaTalk For Data

BetaTalk is also highly useful in terms of data, since it gives consumers a data bonus with every recharge and also offers unique data packages to clients.

The following is a breakdown of BetaTalk data:

  • Every recharge earns you a 200% data boost. For example, if you recharge your line for N100, you will receive a N200 data bonus (i.e. 20MB).
  • Special data bundles of 40MB for N50 and 250MB for N200 are available.
  • On the first recharge or call of the month, you will receive a free 10MB monthly data bonus.

Given these data perks, MTN BetaTalk is one of the finest MTN pricing plans for data, despite its poor call quality.

7. MTN TrueTalk 

MTN TrueTalk is the top best call tariff package on our list. This is due to the fact that it allows customers to contact all local networks in Nigeria at a low rate of 11.26 kobo per second after paying a daily rental charge of N7.17.

This plan also includes a few data advantages, such as a free data bonus on the first call of the month.

How to Activate TrueTalk on MTN Line

Dial *123*2*6# or *400# to switch to the MTN TrueTalk tariff plan. You may also send a text message to 131 with the code TT.

8. TrueTalk for Calls

As previously said, TrueTalk is the best MTN tariff plan for calls exclusively on this list.

The call rate and duration of calls with just N100 airtime are shown below.

After paying the daily access cost of N7.17 in the first second of the first call of the day, the MTN TrueTalk call rate is 11.26kobo/sec.

If you do not have sufficient airtime balance to cover the access price, you will be charged 15.36k/sec.

Let’s see how many minutes of calls you can make with N100 in airtime.

Side By Side Calculation:

N100 minus N7.17 (access fee) equals N92.83 (Left).

11.26k in 60 seconds is N6.75k.

As a result, N100 airtime equals 92.83/6.75 13 minutes 45 seconds.

9. TrueTalk For Data

Those using the MTN TrueTalk receive less data than those using the MTN BetaTalk and Pulse mentioned above.

TrueTalk users get 10MB of free monthly data on their first recharge or call of the month.

In discussing the best MTN tariff plans for calls and data, MTN TrueTalk did not create the best MTN tariff plan for data.

But, when it comes to the finest MTN tariff plan for calls, it unquestionably takes the lead.

10. MTN Awuf4U

Here’s another great MTN pricing package for only calls. Although, MTN Awuf4U is not a tariff plan in true sense, instead, it is an offer on the MTN network that rewards customers with a 5X bonus on every recharge of N100 and above.

If you recharge for less than N100, maybe N50, you will receive a 350% bonus.

This deal can only be utilized for calls because it only includes airtime benefits. Yeah, there are no special data or data bonuses on this plan.

All bonuses are credited to your Awu4U account, where calls and SMS are charged at a reasonable rate.

How to Activate MTN Awuf4U On Your MTN Line

To take advantage of the MTN Awuf4U deal, simply purchase an MTN recharge card and fill it with the Awuf4U code: *888*Recharge Card PIN#.

That is, you do not need to switch tariff plans to take advantage of this offer, as it is available on all MTN tariff plans.

11. Awuf4U for Calls

The charges for calls from your MTN Awuf4U account are listed below:

  • Nationwide calls to all Nigerian networks cost 68.80k/sec (N41.28/min).
  • International calls to ten countries are charged at a rate of 90k/sec (N54/min).

How many minutes will you call using N100 airtime?

Side By Side Calculation:

Awuf4U balance of N100 equals N500.

68.80k in 60 seconds is N41.28k.

As a result, with N100 airtime, you will receive >> N500/N41.28 12 minutes 7 seconds.

12. MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid

The XtraSpecial prepaid plan is another option on this list of the top MTN tariff plans for data and calls.

This plan allows you to contact all networks in Nigeria at a low rate of 13.3kobo per second, with no daily access charge. In this price package, international calls are also exceptionally cheap.

Users on the MTN XtraSpecial price plan also receive a monthly data incentive.

Any MTN prepaid customers can move to this plan by following the instructions below.

How to Enroll on the MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid Package

To switch to the MTN XtraSpecial prepaid plan, text 408 to 131 or ring *408*1#.

13. Prepaid XtraSpecial for Calls

MTN XtraSpecial prepaid plan is one of the finest tariff options for MTN calls, at 13.3kobo per second for both national and international calls.

Calls to Any Local Network in Nigeria are charged at a flat rate of 13.33k/sec.

Calls to eleven (11) foreign countries are charged at a flat rate of 13.33k/sec. Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Norway, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Romania, South Korea, and the United States are among them.

How long will N100 call airtime last?

13.3k in 60 seconds is N7.98k.

As a result, with N100 airtime, you will receive >> N100/N7.98 12 minutes 34 seconds.

14. XtraSpecial Prepaid For Data

Similar to the Awuf4U deal, there isn’t much data here as well, with only a free 10MB data bonus on your first recharge or call of the month.

Special data packages (6GB monthly data bundle at N2000, 3.75GB monthly data bundle at N1500, and 1.5GB 14-day data bundle at N750).

15. MTN mPulse 

When it comes to the finest MTN pricing plan for data and calls, mPulse is an excellent example.

This is because this plan includes both calls and data for internet surfing at an exceptionally low cost.

MTN mPulse is a prepaid tariff package that allows Pre-Teen and Teen customers (students) between the ages of 9 and 15 years to receive recharge incentives, unique data bundles, Special Birthday awards, and a variety of other exciting offerings, including 15.36k/sec national calls to all networks in Nigeria.

This plan is available in two packages: the mPulse tariff and the mPulse website. Both are available to all prepaid consumers under the age of 15.

How to Activate MTN mPulse On Your MTN Line

To switch to MTN mPulse, call *344*1# or text mPulse to 131.

16. mPulse for Phone Calls

MTN mPulse is an innovative service that allows all qualifying customers to make calls across all Nigerian local networks for a fixed charge of 15.36 kobo per second.


Now, how many minutes will you spend on calls with N100 airtime?

15.36k divided by 60 seconds is N9.18k

As a result, with N100 airtime, you will receive >> N100/N9.18 10 minutes 59 seconds.

17. mPulse for Data

mPulse also has some fantastic offers for all qualifying consumers who utilize data-enabled gadgets.

WhatsApp bonus on the first monthly recharge.

Data packages for the mPulse website are available at 1.2GB for $150 and 350MB for $50.

30MB FREE on your first visit to the mPulse website.

Every month, you will receive a free 10MB monthly data bonus with your first recharge or call.

18. MTN XtraValue 

The XtraValue tariff plan is another excellent example of the greatest MTN data and phone pricing plan.

This is because, with this plan, you may select between data and airtime bonuses, whatever best matches your needs.

MTN XtraValue is a prepaid tariff plan that rewards consumers with airtime for national SMS and calls, international calls to certain locations, and data volumes for browsing if they subscribe to any XtraValue Bundle plan.

MTN XtraValue provides you with two options:

XtraTalk: This package includes more airtime than data. For just N300, you will receive N1,150 in free airtime and 50MB of free data.

XtraData: This package includes more data than airtime. You’ll receive 750MB of Internet + N500 in airtime to call all networks for just N500.

How to Use MTN XtraValue On Your MTN Line

To switch to the MTN XtraValue tariff plan, simply phone *131*2# and purchase an XtraValue bundle.

19. XtraValue for Calls

The best XtraValue package is XtraTalk. On XtraTalk, you may get N1,150 airtime for N300, N3,900 for N1000, and up to 80,200 airtime for N300, with low call rates and increasing free data consumption.

Nevertheless, because the XtraValue plan is divided into two parts (XtraTalk and XtraData), the call price for each group varies.

XtraTalk Call Rate: 

  • Local Call: N27/min
  • International Call: N54/min
  • XtraData Call Rate: N34.2/min Local Call: N54/min International Call: N34.2/min

20. MTN XtraValue for Data

XtraData is the best XtraValue data package. Here, you may receive 350MB for N300, 1.5GB for N1000, and up to 70GB of data, as well as plenty of free call time.

21. MTN YanfunYanfun

If you’re looking for the lowest MTN tariff plan for calls, MTN Yanfun is on this list of the top MTN tariff plans for data and calls. Yanfun is MTN’s lowest call rate plan.

In truth, MTN Yanfun Yanfun is one of the finest tariff plans for new MTN subscribers for both calls and data.

This is due to the fact that it is specifically built for clients to receive a massive 700% bonus on every recharge that can be used for both calls and browsing.

Users will have access to free WhatsApp, call, chat, and video status for three days with any new SIM that has Yanfun Yanfun as its default plan.

How to Activate MTN Yanfun Yanfun On Your MTN Line

  • Visit a nearby MTN SIM card registration facility or MTN office to activate MTN Yanfun Yanfun.
  • Request an MTN SIM card with Yanfun Yanfun as the default pricing plan.
  • Purchase and register the SIM card.
  • Next, buy an MTN recharge card and load it by calling *555*Recharge Card PIN#, and you will receive a 700% bonus deposited to a separate account.

22. Yanfun Yanfun For Data

The data boost is worth 200% of the 700% bonus you’ll earn on each recharge. You may use it to browse the internet, go through social media, and perform a variety of other things.

23. Yanfun Yanfun for calls

The 500% remaining from the 700% incentive is just for calls and SMS. You may also make calls from the bonus account at a rate of 75k/sec (N45/min).

The money you recharged will remain on your main balance. Calls to all Nigerian networks are taxed at 66.67k/sec (N40/min).

In the main account, the transfer rate is 66.67kobo/sec (N40/min).

On bonus account, 75kobo/sec (N45/min).

Let’s see how long N100 airtime lasts:

  • N100 + N500 (500% from a bonus of 700%) Equals N600.
  • 67kobo 60 seconds = N45 on bonus account
  • 42kobo 60 seconds = N40 on main account
  • N500/N45 = 11 minutes and 8 seconds from the bonus account.
  • N100/N40 = 2 minutes 30 seconds from the primary account.

As a result, with a N100 recharge card, you will receive >> 11,8 + 2,30 13 minutes 38 seconds.

24. MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid

If you’re an MTN postpaid client looking for the finest MTN postpaid tariff plan, this is the one for you.

MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid is a unique tariff package that allows only postpaid users to enjoy a FLAT rate of 13.33 kobo per second for calls to all Nigerian local networks and 11 chosen overseas destinations from the first second.

There is no daily or monthly membership or access cost with the MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid pricing plan. With this plan, you’ll get access to several exclusive data deals.

MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid Package Activation On Your MTN Line

If you are currently a postpaid client, you are instantly entitled for all of the tariff plan’s features.

As a result, there is no need to move to this plan.

Prepaid users who wish to move to this tariff plan must, however, complete the steps outlined below in order to do so:

  • Complete the postpaid activation form. Download the activation form.
  • Scan the completed activation form and email it to PostpaidActivation.NG@mtn.com along with a valid ID – NIN slip and passport photos.

Alternatively, new customers can activate a line by following the steps outlined below:

  • Go to an MTN shop.
  • Complete the postpaid activation form. Download the activation form by clicking here.
  • NIN slip and passport photo are required for identification.
  • The service activation price is N2000.

25. XtraSpecial Postpaid for Calls

Calls to all local networks in Nigeria, as well as calls to overseas destinations, are charged at a fixed cost of 13.33 kobo per second.

  • Calls from MTN to MTN >> 13.33k/sec
  • >> 13.33k/sec MTN-to-Other networks
  • 33k/sec for international destinations.

Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Norway, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Romania, South Korea, and the United States are among the overseas destinations.

26. MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid For Data 

This plan’s main data advantage is the XtraSpecial Postpaid special data offer.

The special data bundles for all XtraSpecial Postpaid users are listed below:

  • Monthly data package of 14GB for N4,000.
  • N6,000 for a monthly data bundle of 30GB.
  • N8,000 for a 2-month data package of 35GB.
  • Monthly data package of 6GB for N2000.
  • Monthly data bundle of 3.75GB for N1500.
  • 5GB data package for 14 days for N750.

Best MTN Tariff Package for Internet and Calls (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which MTN Bundle is the best for data?

When it comes to the finest MTN tariff plan for data benefits, BetaTalk is the best.

Yet, when it comes to the lowest MTN pricing plan for data, MTN XtraValue is a fantastic option.

How can I switch to MTN’s lowest data plan?

Because MTN XtraValue is the lowest MTN Tariff plan for data, simply phone *131*2# and purchase an XtraData bundle to move.

If everything is done successfully, you will be instantly transferred to MTN’s lowest data plan.

Which MTN tariff package is best for calling?

MTN TruTalk is the finest MTN tariff plan for calls since it has a flat fee of 11.26 kobo per second.

You may make calls lasting around 13 minutes and 45 seconds with just N100 in airtime.

Which MTN data tariff bundle is the best?

BetaTalk is a wonderful choice for the finest MTN tariff plan for data bonus.

But, when it comes to the greatest MTN data rate package, XtraValue is unrivaled.


With so many excellent tariff options to select from, it may be tough to choose the ideal one for you.

And I suppose that’s why you’re seeking for a better one.

But, I hope your concerns concerning the best and cheapest MTN tariff options have been alleviated.

This is because I have presented you with a complete list of all the top MTN tariff plans for data and calls, as well as shown you which one to choose with step by step migration codes.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than willing to answer them.

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